What’s the best way to get started?

Ideally when it comes to learning PSM the best way to begin is to start with signing up for one of my complimentary in-person or online "Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation" sessions to learn more about this time-tested practice . At this first session you will have the opportunity to discover what PSM is & why it works! This is a great way to get all of your questions answered and then decide if this training is best for you? 

Is attending the complimentary Intro to “PSM”, mandatory for taking the training?

It is not mandatory, however it is a highly recommended first step for taking the course. In most cases unless you have already spoken to George or in the case of a referral, you will want to join us for this orientation session. It is important you have connected with the teacher prior to taking this training. So, if you if your ready to go and haven’t been referred or are not familiar with the technique or the course? You can email: George@georgespeterson.com and arrange a phone conversation.

What kind of time commitment is involved in learning “PSM” & when will each session be held?

After you’ve completed the complimentary orientation to the training or when it’s been decided for you to begin, the course will most likely start the next day. The course takes place over four days and depending on if it’s a pre-booked group training or a private training, each of the dates of the 90 minute sessions will vary. In order to complete the training, you will be required to complete all four days. Lastly, however private classes and groups can choose custom dates that work for them and the teacher.

Where can I get started and schedule a time and date to begin the “Primordial Sound Meditation” training?

CLICK HERE to find a calendar of upcoming available dates to sign up for a complimentary orientation session or either the online or in-person PSM training.

Why is it important to have a teacher?

Having a teacher to show you meditation’s best practices is the best way for you to discover how to make meditation simple & easy. Together, we will discover the practical aspects of meditation, so you can feel like a pro and be confident in your practice. By having a trained teacher you will be better able to understand the obstacles & pitfalls of the practice. After you have completed the training you will have life-time access to continued support to make sure you stay on the “meditation train".”

How much does learning “PSM” cost?

Your course investment gives you lifetime access to continued support which includes access to future training’s, group meditations and a private Facebook Community for accountability. A portion of your proceeds also go to helping more individuals in long-term recovery learn to meditate.

Individual course cost:

(Online) $600

(In-person) $600

Note: There are also couples discounts and lots of different payment plans available. Our intention is to make the PSM available to all who want to learn. Register for one of our complimentary “Intro Talks” for a detailed explanation the course and payment options. We also offer private and corporate courses.

What makes “PSM” worth my investment?

When you consider what your getting, learning PSM is actually very very affordable. By enrolling in this training you will receive personal instruction from an expert teacher, life-time access to future training’s, and personal support from your teacher.

What if I have “Too many thoughts to meditate?”

Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts, that only births more thoughts. Instead you will learn how to access the silence that’s already underneath your thoughts, but is usually overshadowed by all your minds activity. What you will learn will be simple and effortless! Trust the process.

What if meditation won’t work for me?

Up until this point ,this has not happened! You can rest assure that as long as you show up for your daily practice, you will benefit from it. If you do however feel like your struggling, you can be sure I will offer you ongoing guidance so you can feel good that meditation is working for you.

Do you offer private or corporate courses?

Yes. If your interested please join me for one of my complimentary intro to PSM sessions and/or email: George@georgespeterson.com for more info. Note: The cost for corporate and private courses varies depending on the number of people. Email us for details.

How long before I notice the benefits?

Usually other people in our lives, notice the benefits before we actually do ourselves! Meditations benefits come from being consistent with your daily practice, but as long as you show up for your daily meditation you will benefit. In the end, some will notice changes right away, and others more gradually.

How can you prove this type of meditation has worked for others as well?

The best way to see how my meditation classes may be able to benefit you is to read the testimonials throughout our website..

What is the difference between what you teach and learning from a meditation app?

Meditation apps don’t generally offer personalized instruction and on-going support to aid you in becoming a self-sufficient meditator. Having a teacher is a key element of learning to meditate anywhere with effortless ease. Lots of apps and classes offer guided meditation, which is a great entry point. However, if your looking to discover the in’s and out’s of the practice, so you can become self-sufficient then learning from a trained teacher is usually best.

What form of meditation is this?

There are many forms of meditation, but most of them require us to force or concentrate! PSM however is a “Self-Transcending” Meditation technique. What this means is that this technique enables us to effortlessly“transcend” the non-stop incessant activity of our mind’s and access quieter levels of awareness.

What is a mantra and why is it important?

The word mantra is derived from from the ancient language of sanskrit. “Man” meaning mind and “Tra” meaning vehicle.  Learning to meditate properly without forcing with a mantra, is the key to experiencing the deep states of rest that that birth meditation’s innumerable benefits!

How can I learn to teach meditation?

If learning how to teach this ancient Vedic meditation technique interest you, send an email to: George@georgespeterson.com for more details on how to embark on the teachers path!