Have you have ever enjoyed the scent of Lavender? If so, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of Essential Oils. Essential Oils are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential Oils give plants their distinctive smells, while plants use these oils for predatory defense, pollinator attraction and disease resistance. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, Essential Oils have long been used to relieve stress, support the systems of the body, prep food, and to aid in optimal health. - Just to name a few benefits!

Whether it's promoting a relaxing atmosphere with the distinct aroma of Lavender, using "doTERRA Breathe" to help minimize the effects of seasonal threats, or supporting my meditation practice with oils- Essential Oils have become a permanent addition to my lifestyle. As a student & teacher of India's 5000 yr old system of healing Ayurveda, today I understand health is not just the absence of a definable disease; it is a state of vibrant well-being that comes through the dynamic balance of our body, mind and spirit! And Essential Oils offer us endless therapeutic benefits to aid in staying vibrantly healthy

 doTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products & you can experience doTERRA in the following three ways:



1.  If you are new to Essential Oils you can go to my online store as a Retail Customer - shop, explore, discover and enjoy.  If you have any questions, please let me know how I can assist!



2. You may use this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, and receive wholesale pricing. Join doTERRA as a Wholesale Customer and save 25% on all of your purchases



3.  If you are passionate about Essential Oils and have a desire to share them with others or are a wellness professional looking to earn additional income and build your own business, you can join my team as a Wellness Advocate.  Wellness Advocates receive the perks of being a Wholesale Customer with the added benefits of being part of a phenomenal, supportive, and growing team that can aid you in cultivating financial freedom.

If you are curious about any of these options, I would love to connect with you and determine which one makes the most sense for you. Please fill out the form below and let's explore together!

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