4 Steps To Sobriety & Success


Step #1 Meditate~

Our inner landscape is as vast as our outer landscape. It's true, your outer world is actually a reflection of your inner world. Most of us spend so much time looking for an outside fix for an inside job, but when we have peace of mind not only will what's going on within us shift but our outer world will benefit as well. This is where meditation comes into play. Through daily meditation our body receives deep healing rest and we start to feel like there's more inner quietness established in our being the other 23 hrs of our day. Meaning when we meditate, our life gets better as a result. Its simple, when we're not tied up in huge knots of stress, we become more conscious choice makers and as a result can perform better at life. It’s through learning the correct mechanics of meditation that we start to let go of the stress, tension and fatigue that prevents us from experiencing our infinite, unbounded blissful nature. Everybody else is taken, so what could be better than becoming more of who you naturally are? Again your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and meditation is key when it comes to transforming your inner and outer worlds.

Step #2 Make well-being a priority~

If you had a Ferrari, would you put 87 or would you put premium in it?

Health is wealth and just like you wouldn't fuel up your Ferrari with 87, you shouldn't fuel your body and mind with anything that isn't filled with life force. What matters is that we rediscover that everything we take in through our 5 senses has to be metabolized and either has a positive or negative effect on our body & mind. Health is not limited to what we eat! All 5 of the senses are how our outer world enters our inner world.  When toxic residue accumulates in our physiology due to unhealthy choices and improper diet, we feel out of balance! What we choose to consume can actually impair our health! It is unconscious choices like improper diet that lead to toxicity and it is the build up of this toxic residue that disease stems from. Therefore, learning to consume food that our bodies can convert into subtle nourishment is imperative, if we hope to live long and happily in this world. When you eat for balance, and choose foods that make you strong and healthy, you feel rested, clear-headed, and enthusiastic. Ultimately, if you want to experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being you can’t forget the role food plays on this journey. A life of fulfillment truly depends on us learning to make choices that are life-supporting and that increase positive-feeling states in our mind and body. Energy is everything, so make sure you put an emphasis making more conscious choices and cutting out food that is not life supporting. Your body is the vehicle through which you move through life and without your health it's near impossible to experience total well-being. 

Step 3 Form a powerful support network~ 

The collective is more powerful than the individual. This is something an individual in long-term recovery learns early on. It doesn't matter whether you are looking to be successful at staying sober or following your dreams, you should surround yourself with people who already are doing what you want in their lives and then do what they do. Meaning find people who are physical, mentally, emotional, and spiritual in the place you want to be and surround yourself with them. Success leaves clues, so follow the blueprint of others who are already successful doing what you want to do! The benefit of surrounding yourself with a powerful support network is not only what you'll learn though, it is also that those in your front row can hold you accountable and encourage you to keep up-leveling your life!

Step #4 Work toward the realization and manifestation of purpose

Where there is joy there is creation. Where there is no joy there is no creation: know the nature of joy- Upanishads

Lastly, we come to purpose. Having purpose makes life feel more infinite and less finite. Our most individual self, always ask: "What's in it for me?" While our most universal self always ask "How can I help & How can I serve?" Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means purpose in life. True fulfillment comes from having purpose. It's simple if we want fulfillment, the easiest way to experience it in our own lives is to provide it for another. Dharma suggest we discover those things we love to do most, and then figure out how to use those things to serve others. Ultimately, it is when we do this that true wealth follows.

No matter what your deepest driving desire is, these four steps can align us with the energy that creates worlds!

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