We can re-create ourselves by changing the quality of our experience.
— David Simon, M.D

Ayurveda: The Science of Life:

Did you know you can attain and support a vibrant state of well-being by identifying your Unique mind-body type and building a lifestyle that continues to support it?

Ayurveda (The Wisdom of Life) is a 5,000 year-old system of healing from India. Ayurveda is derived from: "Ayur" meaning life, and "Veda" meaning wisdom. This "Life-Wisdom" will offer you a personal guide for a life of happiness, vitality, love, and purpose. Ayurveda states that health is not just the absence of a definable disease; it is a state of vibrant well-being that comes through the dynamic balance of our body, mind and spirit!

Ayurveda is lifestyle and this unique system of healing encourages us to harmonize our internal rhythms with those of nature to enliven our health and wellness. When toxic residue accumulates in our physiology due to improper lifestyle & diet, we feel out of balance. However, through Ayurveda's recommendations we can cultivate a strong digestive fire that will support us in maximizing nourishment and minimizing toxicity from our life experiences and diet.  

This TRANSFORMATIve system of personalized healthcare is a powerful first-step into the exploration of the healing techniques that:

-Balance our mind and body

-Strengthen our digestive fire

-Enhance well-being through eating habits

-Achieve emotional freedom

-Integrate Ayurveda's teachings into our daily lives

-Re-awaken and nurture all of our sense

-Help cultivate self-awareness

-Nourish of tissues 



Perfect Heath Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course:

This series will be a five-step exploration into mind-body healing and Ayurveda. Each of the five lessons includes instruction in the practical tools and techniques of Ayurveda that participants can immediately begin implementing daily-

Session One: Introduction: Discover the foundational principles of Ayurveda, Meditation, and our Mind + Body constitutions known as the doshas.

Session Two: Food as Medicine: Together, we will discuss the topics of proper digestion, nutrition, and making healthy choices.

Session Three: Perpetual Renewal: learn how to integrate Ayurveda's teachings so you can constantly touch healing on a daily basis.

Session Four: Emotional Freedom: discover how to nurture your mind and let go of any emotional toxicity.

Session Five: Inner Pharmacy: learn to use the senses to access the power of your body's inner pharmacy to heal, nourish, and maintain balance.


Begin your journey to Perfect Health:

Learn this powerful system of healing to improve your well-being and restore oneness.

Price options:
Online: $498

In Person: $598  


Free Webinar:

Introduction to Ayurveda: The Science of Life-

In this 60-minute webinar we will begin to explore the basics of Ayurvedic Health. Through this conversation you will discover the benefits of my Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course and the basics of this five-step exploration into mind-body healing. Throughout this introductory webinar you will learn about this 5,000 year-old system of healing from India, and why this 5-session course can help you attain and support a vibrant state of well-being. Ultimately, our time together will encourage you to learn this powerful system of healing that can aid you in accessing the power of your body's own inner pharmacy to heal, nourish, and maintain balance.

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